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Duracell Specialty 3V  lithium coin batteries provide up to 50% more power*. They have up to 10 years of in-storage guarantee with Duralock Power Preserve technology. You will quickly find the correct battery size for your device by checking the number on your old battery.

Choose Duracell 2025 and 2032 from the drop-down menu.

Coin batteries are designed for use in key fobs, car keys, small remotes, scales, wearables, sensors, medical devices (glucometers, digital thermometers), sports devices (heart rate monitor, bike accessories).

Child Safety pack Duracell lithium coin batteries have Child Safety pack: Tamper-proof pack with double blister so that it is impossible for a child to open without scissors.

The 2025 and 2032 are both 3V button cells, have identical diameters but 2032 is 3.2mm thick while 2025 is 2.5mm thick. With just 0.7mm of difference, for as long as either fits in the battery compartment, they can be used interchangeably with minimal effect.

Do note that 2025, being the thinner of the two, will have slightly less storage reserve and will typically not last as long as 2032.

Safety instructions

Keep new and used coin-sized button batteries out of sight and reach of children. Coin batteries are hazardous and can cause serious internal chemical burns if swallowed. Dispose of used batteries immediately.


2032 – 3.2mm – Thick, 2025 – 2.5mm – Thin

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