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Premium Quality Reinforced Gel Case for the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Are you looking for a new case to help protect your handset, but don’t want something bulky covering up your phone? You’ve come to the right place. This fantastic alpha gel clear case is the best way of protecting your mobile without compromising its appearance!

This transparent case is made out of TPU gel; a synthetic material that is lightweight, but surprisingly rugged! It can easily resist common day to day accidents, ensuring that your phone will remain pristine for longer!

Offering Unparalleled Protection

That’s not all, though – this alpha gel case also has a surprising number of secondary benefits. The corners and interior of the cover feature air pockets which will cushion your phone in the event of an impact. That means that even when you drop your phone, it will be protected from serious damage!

An upraised ‘lip’ around the edge of the case helps to provide additional protection for your phone’s touchscreen. At a mere 1mm thick, you’ll barely notice it’s there during normal operation. However, when your phone is placed flat against a hard surface, you’ll be glad it’s present – as it prevents your touchscreen from scraping that surface, reducing the chance of your display being adversely affected!

Providing unparalleled protection in a lightweight and easy-to-handle package, the crystal clear gel case is a must-have purchase for anyone who wants their phone to look as good as it feels!


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